sea teacher batch 7th

The SEA Teacher Project is a project that aims to teaching experiences (practicum) in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia.


My Practice Teaching

Tarlac Agricultural University

Teaching is an art. At first I was afraid when I taught because this was my first teaching practice experience, I conditioned mu nervousness, slowly approached the child with the heart and finally I was able to do it well, the key was confindence and positive thinking.


7.20-7.3010Arrival Time
7.30-7.4010Meeting Time 1
7.40-8.2540Work Period 1
8.25-8.3510Meeting Time 2
8.35-8.5015Supervised Recess
8.50-9.0010Quite Time/ Nap Time
9.00-9.2020Story Time
9.20-10.0040Work Period 2
10.20-10.255Meeting Time 3
10.25-11.3060Teaching Related Activies (TRA)
1.00-1.1010Arrival Time
1.10-1.2010Meeting Time 1
1.20-2.0040Work Period 1
2.00-2.1010Meeting Time 2
2.10-2.2515Supervised Recess
2.25-2.3510Quite Time/ Nap Time
2.35-2.5520Story Time
2.55-3.3540Work Period 2
3.55-4.005Meeting Time 3
4.00-5.0060Teaching Related Activies (TRA)




Healthy Life; Introduced Hand Washing to Kindergarten

Hand Washing for Kids: 5 Easy Steps to Teach Hand Hygiene;
1. Wet your hands with warm water.
2. Lather up with soap.
3. Scrub your hands for 20 seconds – about the time it takes to say the alphabet slowly or hum the “Happy Birthday” song twice.
4. Rinse your hands well under warm, running water.
5. Dry your hands using a clean towel.


This method I use teaching compilation. Bar Graphic provide pupils with a nice way to frame their thoughts in an organized manner. By drawing diagrams or mind maps, pupils are able to better connect concepts and see their relationships. This will help students develop a habit of connecting concepts.

My Strengths & Weaknesses

Tarlac Agricultural University

School Profile; Malacampa Elementary School

Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) is a public university in the province of Tarlac, Philippines. The main campus is located in Malacampa, Camiling, Tarlac. Furthermore, on December 18, 1974 a presidential decree No 609 is announced by president Ferdinand e. Marcos, proclaiming that Tarlac college of agriculture became one of the state colleges in the country. As for the campus area, it is about 60 hectares; while a forestry laboratory is located in Titi Calao, Mayantoc.

Moreover, other than providing the college of agricultures TAU also provides other kind of college or faculties such as;
1. College of Agriculture and Forestry
2. College of Business and Management
3. College of Teacher Training and Education
4. College of Engineering and Technology
5. College of Veterinary Medicine


School Profile; Malacampa Elementary School

Malacampa Elementary School is one of the public schools located in Camiling, Tarlac, Philippines. The school is not just an elementary school but also a kindergarten. Malacampa Elementary School based on the educational curriculum applied in the Philippines. When I was being a student teacher at the school, I taught one class in kindergarten level, which consisted of two sessions; morning and afternoon session, and the amount the pupils is 36, I constructed lesson plans every day to make me easier to teach, I used instructional materials which is interactive to optimize children’s development

During My Practice Teaching

About Me



Cultural trips, this is done every weekend counted 3 times as a culture trip and the participants are student teacher from sea-teacher program batch 7 consisting of 21 people, personally i feel so happy every take part in this activity. As for the places visited, namely (from the top left);
1. La Union Beach
2. Grape Farm La Union
3. Matcho Temple
4. Nayong Pilipino
5. Forest Owned by Tarlac Agricultural University.